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The content of my paintings is rooted in a very personal response to what and how I choose to see. I try to interpret glimpses of light and beauty and seek to capture slices of life. Read more about the artist here.


My BLOG is new! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! Take a look at “To Commission a Watercolor” of the 4 or 5 published now.

The Website: Browse by subject such as children, water… or by category such as landscape, cityscape…. While most images are unframed, several framed images from various shows are on the site. Some show the image framed, others show just the image. Frames, whether wood or metal, as well as mat colors, are carefully selected to complement the image. I also include a commission work or two just FYI. Commission work costs no more or less than the algorithms I use to price my work by size. Please CONTACT me with ANY questions or if you want a more specific description. All described as “framed” are ready-to-hang, and prices always include shipping and insurance within the continental U.S. Of course, there is a money-back guarantee if the work does not satisfy. Whether you are just looking or looking to purchase for home, office, or gift – I hope you enjoy browsing. Bookmark my site and return often to see what’s new! Please LIKE my site and I invite you to become a FOLLOWER so you see new works as I post them, my occasional blogs, as well as sales as they occur. Your comments and questions are always most welcome, just click on CONTACT.


SHOP showcases all of my one-of-a-kind original watercolor paintings currently available for sale. PayPal or credit cards make this easy. Hover over an image to see some information. Click on the image to see more details about the specific painting including dimensions, descriptions, price, and my comments. BLOG is a feature. In ABOUT THE ARTIST learn about my education, background, and inspiration. Under “About the Artist” you can browse my PORTFOLIO which is a visual record of a selection of my watercolor paintings as well as several commissions. All reside in homes in several states. When I accept a commission I work from a client’s photo not my own, interpreting it in my own style. We work through details in CONTACT, email and/or by phone.